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Rio panties

This slip offers an elegant silhouette and comes in various styles: smooth, lace, seamless, and more!

Discover timeless elegance with Marie Jo's Brazilian slips

Perfect fit for natural beauty

Let your natural curves shine with Marie Jo's rioslips. This timeless favorite embraces your curves with a fit that fits like a glove. Covering 75% of your buttocks, the rioslip strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Comfortable under any outfit

Whether you're wearing a skirt, a loose dress or thicker jeans, Marie Jo's rioslip is always a perfect fit. With its low design at the belly and high leg cut, you'll enjoy all-day comfort without compromising your look.

A range of styles

In addition to the iconic rioslip, Marie Jo offers a diverse selection of other slip styles, including shorts, hotpants, waist briefs and thongs. Whatever your preference, you'll find the perfect slip for every occasion at Marie Jo.

Experience luxury and sophistication

Choose Marie Jo's premium lingerie collection and make a statement of timeless elegance. Discover the world of luxury and comfort with our rios briefs and feel confident all day long.