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How to choose the right swimwear style

The Marie Jo Swim collection has full-cup, balcony, deep-plunge, push-up and heart-shaped styles to choose from. Marie Jo Swim features the same familiar styles as the lingerie collection, which makes it easy to find a bikini or swimsuit to flatter your figure. The perfect fit, guaranteed!

Still looking for your signature style? This overview of style features can help you get started.

1. Full-cup | Marie Jo
1. Full-cup | Marie Jo

1. Full-cup

This style is characterized by a comfortable fit and excellent support thanks to the full, unpadded cups, which create a naturally rounded shape. The full-cup style is great for all shapes and sizes, especially for women with larger breasts.

What are the features of a full-cup style?

  • A higher rise at the top
  • Straps set close to the neck
  • High-cut cups for full coverage

Do you love the full-cup style? These are the Marie Jo Swim Apollonis, Marie Jo Swim Dahu, Marie Jo Swim Saranji and Marie Jo Swim Tazar must-haves.

MJSW Almoshi - square | Marie Jo

2. Balcony

The extra volume and the curved shape of the balcony style creates truly irresistible cleavage. The position of the straps also flatters your neck and shoulders. This style is ideal for women with fuller breasts.

What are the features of the balcony style?

  • Lifts and separates the breasts
  • Reveals a hint of cleavage at the top
  • Deeper-cut cups and more widely spaced straps

Do you love the balcony style? Treat yourself to Marie Jo Swim Almoshi.

MJ SW - Tinjis - landscape - plunge | Marie Jo

3. Deep plunge/push-up

The difference between a deep-plunge and a push-up style is that the former has padded cups. Other than that, the styles are identical: Both reveal slightly more cleavage thanks to the lower bridge.

This lift creates full and sensual cleavage. The diagonal cups of a plunge bra offer good support while the padding in a push-up bra makes breasts appear fuller and firmer.

What are the features of a deep-plunge or push-up style?

  • Straps set closer to the neck
  • Cups lift and center the breasts
  • Cups are V-shaped or heart-shaped for a flattering neckline

Love a plunge style? Try Marie Jo Swim Arubani, Marie Jo Swim Flidais, Marie Jo Swim Su Ana and Marie Jo Swim Tinjis. If you prefer a push-up bra, Marie Jo Swim Tazar is the one for you.

4. Heart-shaped | Marie Jo
4. Heart-shaped | Marie Jo

4. Heart-shaped

The lift of the heart-shaped style offers excellent support without the push-up effect. The result is a gorgeous silhouette and natural cleavage. This style is perfect for women with slightly less volume or wider-set breasts.

What are the features of a heart-shaped style?

  • Padded cups
  • Full coverage
  • Heart-shaped neckline

Do you love the heart-shaped style? Then Marie Jo Swim Almoshi, Marie Jo Swim Su Ana, Marie Jo Swim Apollonis, Marie Jo Swim Dahu, Marie Jo Swim Saranji, Marie Jo Swim Tazar, Marie Jo Swim Brigitte are for you.

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Mix and match with accessories

Create a polished look by mixing or matching your swimwear with the right accessories. A summery dress, an airy shirt, or a sarong: Add your favorite item and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in style.