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Choose your perfect bridal lingerie set in five easy steps

As the bride-to-be, you want to look amazing on your big day. You may already have a vague idea of what you want, or may have already put all your ideas together on Pinterest. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember to devote attention to the “invisible force” during your search for the perfect look: your lingerie. If your lingerie set matches your style and look, you will shine even more brightly on your big day. Your bridal lingerie can be anything but basic – spice things up with elegant embroidery or an unusual color. But, how do you go about choosing that perfect fit and color? Marie Jo will help you find your perfect lingerie set by guiding you through five simple steps: Say yes to the dress… and the right lingerie!

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STEP 1: Make an appointment at your nearest boutique

Now that you are officially “engaged”, you’ll be keen to pick out the perfect look for your big day. However, before you make those appointments and start scouring the bridal stores, pause to think about an equally important part of your ensemble: your lingerie.

It's often a second thought, but we know that the overall look benefits from a good basis. Make an appointment for a fitting with a lingerie expert. It’s not just a nice pastime for a Friday afternoon, but you’ll also avoid disappointment later on.

During your appointment, you’ll learn which lingerie styles work with the look you wish to create and your cup size. And first and foremost, you will learn which styles of bridal wear they work with best. In particular, you’ll learn what you need to look out for when you’re trying on bridal wear.

Once you’ve absorbed all this information, you’re ready to start shopping to your heart’s content for the perfect bridal ensemble!

STEP 2: Choose the right bra style

Mission accomplished: you know which bridal look you’re going for. It’s now important to find out which bra style or model best suits that look. Remember that the neckline of the bridal wear is key in determining the style of the bra you'll be wearing underneath.

Read on to discover the various types of neckline and the bra styles that match those best.

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Which bra goes best with strapless bridal wear?

The perfect match for strapless or off the shoulder bridal wear is a strapless bra with padded cups. This style feels tighter than a bra with shoulder straps due to the wide elastic or silicone band around your back. The band provides the perfect support and shape, giving you carefree confidence all day long for you to enjoy that special moment.

What are the benefits of a strapless bra:

  • This style of bra provide an elegant lift
  • The bra is invisible under your clothing
  • The wider band around your back provides 100% support and comfort

You can choose a strapless bra with a plain back band or one that has lace or embroidery embellishments. The removable straps on this model make is versatile to wear with different outfits on other occasions, as the straps can be worn straight over the shoulders or as a halter neck.

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Which bra goes best under a high collar, jewel neckline, or boat-necked bridal wear?

Have you fallen for a look with a high collar or boat neck, or bridal wear with a slightly rounded, jewel neckline? Then you should say “yes” to a full cup bra. This style provides complete coverage and is invisible under your clothing. The straps are positioned close to your neck, while the cups are cut high, providing sufficient coverage.

You can wear a full-cup bra whatever your cup size, and those with larger breasts will appreciate the unsurpassable comfort and support.

What are the benefits of a full-cup bra?

  • This bra provides firm support and comfort thanks to the full cups,
  • which give your bosom a natural rounded shape
  • You can wear this bra under practically anything. The top of the cups may peek out under low-cut tops
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Which bra goes best with a square neckline?

Does your dream ensemble have a square neckline? The best bra to choose is a balcony bra. This style lifts and separates your breasts at the same time, revealing a seductive cleavage line. The cups have a deeper cut, and the straps are positioned further away from your neck. This is a real winner, especially if you like showing off your feminine curves.

What are the benefits of a balcony bra?

  • The lower cut to this bra makes it invisible under your clothes
  • It provides extra volume and follows the natural curves of your breasts to give you a seductive cleavage line
  • The wider positioning of the straps accentuates your neck and shoulders
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Which bra goes best with a scoop neckline or V- neck?

Fallen for a look with a scoop or round, low-cut neckline or a V-neck? Then the best style to choose is a plunge or push-up bra.

A plunge bra lifts and centers your breasts. This style has a lower bridge between the cups to reveal more cleavage. These cups form the perfect cleavage and suit a V-neck or sweetheart neckline. The straps are positioned closer to the neck.

A push-up bra has exactly the same characteristics as a plunge bra, but the cups are padded so that your breasts get an extra lift. Some push-up bras have removable padding.

What are the benefits of plunge and push-up bras?

  • The deeper-plunge cut to the cups gives you firm support (plunge bra)
  • The extra padding makes your breasts look fuller and firmer (push-up bra)
  • The extra lift creates a seductive deep cleavage

STEP 3: Which color bra should I choose?

The color of your lingerie set is just as important as the color of your bridal ensemble. White and Ivory are classics, but Caffé Latte or Powder Rose are just as suitable. These colors are warmer, yet still invisible under your clothes.

You now know all the secrets to choosing the perfect style and color for your bridal lingerie, so now it’s time to go shopping! The Marie Jo Collection has a number of must-have series available in numerous styles and colors.

  • Avero in White, Natural, Pearly Pink, Precious Peach, or Caffé Latte: a classic beauty with fixed or removable florally embellished straps for a feminine finish.
  • Tom in White or Caffé Latte: an elegant best-seller with fun, flirty fixed or removable straps.
  • Jane in Natural as a body or bra: a dramatic series with seductive embroidery detailing.

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Marie Jo Tom

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Marie Jo Jane

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STEP 4: Find the perfect matching briefs

To finish off your gorgeous lingerie set, choose the perfect briefs from four different models. The model that goes best with your bridal ensemble depends on how tight-fitting or flowing it is.

If your bridal wear is tight-fitting, choose a thong or hipsters/hotpants. These have a smooth finish, so that there are no visible seams. Which one you choose depends on your preference: A thong shows off your buttocks, while hipsters provide full coverage.

Loose-fitting or flowing garments can be worn with regular briefs, such as Rio. Rio is our classic best-seller that provides 75% coverage. If you want both comfort and full coverage, then go with trendy high waist full briefs. They provide full coverage and also flatten your tummy.

STEP 5: Get ready for your honeymoon | Marie Jo
STEP 5: Get ready for your honeymoon | Marie Jo

STEP 5: Get ready for your honeymoon

Are you going to be celebrating your love with a beach holiday? You already need to start thinking what you want to pack. How about a swimsuit in a beautiful bright color or a bikini with a glamorous print? You can complete your swimwear look with our trendy accessories, such as a shirtdress or sarong.