Farah's lingerie drawer | Marie Jo
Farah's lingerie drawer | Marie Jo

Farah's lingerie drawer

BIO: Farah is 32 years old and works as a fashion stylist in the heart of Antwerp. Thanks to her love for color, prints, and gorgeous fabrics, she always knew that she would end up working in the fashion industry.

PERSONAL STYLE: “Maximalism! My mantra is: ‘the bolder, the better!’ When you’re wearing the right outfit you feel good, and this makes you radiate confidence.”

KNOWN FROM: “I have dressed several Belgian celebrities in the past, and was brought on as a stylist for Zombies and Bittersweet 16. My work has been published in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, and ELLE.”

FAVORITE TREND: “That’s hard to say! There are so many. I can, however, tell you which trends I hope will never undergo a revival: jeggings and ultra-tight skinny jeans.”

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