Anke's lingerie drawer | Marie Jo
Anke's lingerie drawer | Marie Jo

Anke's lingerie drawer

BIO: Anke grew up in a small village in the Dutch province of Friesland, but left for the big city to take a shot at making her dreams come true. She is currently the editor-in-chief of ELLE and also works as a fashion expert for the ‘RTL Boulevard’ TV chat show.

PERSONAL STYLE: “My style is sporty-chic. There’s nothing I like more than combining a blazer with a pair of sneakers or a hoody with high heels. Oh, and I also wear caps a lot!”

KNOWN FROM: “I used to work for Glamour, which made me the youngest editor-in-chief of a Dutch fashion magazine.”

FAVORITE TREND: “Color, color, and more color! Considering that a few years ago all I wore was black, gray, and white, that’s quite a change. From this year onwards, I am going for lots and lots of color! The only good thing the lockdown brought us: Uggs.”

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