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Full cup bras

Offers more coverage, excellent support, and unrivalled comfort.

Go for ultimate support with Marie Jo's full cup bras

Be enchanted by the timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort of our full cup bras - a favourite choice of many women worldwide. With high-cut cups that fully encompass your breasts, this bra creates a beautiful silhouette and offers optimal support for a confident look. Discover the signature features and unmistakable styling effect of our full cup bras, and feel confident and radiant every day.

Characteristics of the full cup bra

  • Cups that fully encompass your breasts for a perfect fit.
  • High centre front that centres your breasts naturally and keeps them apart.
  • Shoulder straps that sit closer to your neck for a flattering effect.

The styling effect of the full cup bra

A full cup bra lifts and centres your breasts, creating a naturally round bosom and providing optimal support. This ideal cut looks great under any style of clothing, but take care with blouses or dresses with a deep neckline, where the edge of the bra could potentially be visible.

Professional advice for your perfect fit

Want to know more about the different shapes and their styling effect? Our Marie Jo stylists are ready to give you professional advice, because every woman deserves her perfect fit. Indulge yourself in the ultimate comfort and elegance of Marie Jo's full cup bras, and feel confident and radiant all day long.