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Push-up bras

The push-up pushes your breasts to the center and creates extra volume.

Discover the magic of Marie Jo push-up bras

Transform your silhouette with Marie Jo's enchanting push-up bras, designed to maximise your bust and boost your confidence. With removable paddings that lift and compress your breasts, these bras create a seductive and fuller bust that is perfect for any occasion, whether you wear a low-neckline dress or a summer top.

Characteristics of the push-up bra

  • V- or heart-shaped alignment of the cups for optimal accentuation of your cleavage.
  • Shoulder straps that sit more inwards for a flattering effect.
  • High underwire under the arm and low at the cleavage for ultimate support.
  • Cups with fixed or removable padding for extra volume.

The style effect of the push-up bra

A push-up bra gives you an undeniably feminine silhouette by centring your breasts, creating more volume and accentuating your cleavage. With the illusion of a fuller bosom, this bra makes you feel radiant and confident wherever you go.

Choose the perfect push-up bra for your body

Every bra style from Marie Jo creates a beautiful look, but when it comes to choosing the right bra, it's important to look at what suits your body best. With a smaller cup size, a push-up bra is the ideal choice to accentuate your curves and boost your confidence. But if your bosom is a bit fuller, a plunge bra could be the perfect option. Choose your Marie Jo push-up bra today that embraces your natural beauty and lets you shine.