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Sujetadores en forma de corazón

Este sujetador de cobertura total tiene un corte alto en las copas superiores y se hunde en un escote profundo entre los pechos.

Discover the seductive world of heart-shaped bras

Characteristics of the heart-shaped bra

  • Contoured cups that embrace and subtly lift your breasts.
  • The heart-shaped lines of the cups elegantly accentuate your cleavage.

Effect on your bosom

The heart-shaped bra offers not only a lifting effect but also optimal support without excessive push-up. This results in a beautiful silhouette and natural cleavage that fits perfectly under any garment. Whether you wear a deep-cut top or a dress with a seductive neckline, this bra provides a seamless look and breathtaking cleavage.

Heart-shaped vs. push-up bra

It is important to distinguish between a heart-shaped bra and a push-up bra. While both provide beautiful cleavage, the heart-shaped bra has no extra padding to lift the breasts. If you are looking for a subtle elevator without excessive volume, the heart-shaped bra is the ideal choice for you.

Let the Marie Jo heart-shaped bra from our iconic collections seduce you

Let the Marie Jo heart-shaped bra seduce you with its unique combination of comfort, style and subtle elevator. Discover the perfect fit that embraces your natural beauty and boosts your confidence. Choose a bra from the Marie Jo icon collection, such as Marie Jo Tom or Marie Jo Avero, that not only supports you, but also lets you shine. The favorite shape of many women: the heart-shaped Marie Jo Avero and Marie Jo Tom.