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Marie Jo

Our iconic Marie Jo Jane is a timeless series that showcases your personal style. Available this season in a gorgeous mix of colors and fabrics. Hello jungle vibes!

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MJ AW23 - Jane JGK - Feature 1 | Marie Jo

Olé ombré

Marie Jo delights with delicate white embroidery, dark green tulle, and a splash of color in contrasting fuchsia. The result: A fun and trendy ombré effect.

MJ AW23 - Jane JGK - Feature 2 | Marie Jo

Eye-catching embroidery

The satiny sheen of the elegant embroidery makes Marie Jo Jane really stand out and adds a chic touch to the series.

MJ AW23 - Jane JGK - Feature 3 | Marie Jo

Matchy matchy

Add the finishing touch to your look with matching briefs with flat seams for an invisible effect. Perfect under every outfit!