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Bra sizing from A to Z

Every woman deserves to wear the perfect bra. You do too! The right bra is supportive, comfortable, and creates a stunning silhouette. When every detail is just right, you'll feel confident and feminine through and through. What’s your perfect bra? Discover the ultimate combination of the right size and the unique Marie Jo fit for a gorgeous silhouette. Grab a measuring tape and get started! Learn how to find your sister sizes, which can come in handy in the fitting room. What are the key characteristics of a high-quality bra? What's the difference between French, European, and American bra sizes? Your ultimate bra awaits!

Four reasons for investing in a good bra

Beautiful and high-quality lingerie by Marie Jo is more than just a good bra and briefs. A gorgeous matching set does something to you. Not only do you look good in and out of your clothes, you also radiate confidence. A good bra offers excellent support, creates an elegant silhouette, has a comfortable fit, and makes you feel confident. Beautiful, high-quality lingerie is like a good hair day or your favorite lipstick: It pulls everything together. Discover four reasons to invest in a premium set by Marie Jo.

Shop bikinis and swimsuits in your favorite lingerie style!

Did you know you can find your favorite lingerie fit in our Swim collection? From bikinis with tropical stripes to swimsuits in bright summer colors, Marie Jo has a look and style for every woman. Discover the Marie Jo Swim collection and dive into summer in style.

Six steps to the right bra size

A lot of women wear the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? Our six tips can help you avoid misfits and feel elegant and confident in the perfect bra for your bust. Not sure how to find the right bra size? Get measured by a professional lingerie stylist!

Do you know your sister sizes?

That’s right, every bra size has two sister sizes. Do you know yours? And do you know why they’re so important? More importantly: Do you know how to determine your sister sizes? Sister sizes come in handy when your ideal bra size isn’t available or when a new style doesn’t fit as well as you're used to. Discover your sister sizes and find a bra that always fits like a dream.

The difference between French, American, and European bra sizes

Marie Jo’s high-quality lingerie makes all women shine. The only condition: wearing the right bra size. Most bra labels contain three different sizes: EU, US, and FR. These abbreviations stand for European, American, and French bra sizes. What's the difference? How do you calculate your American size? Which size system should you use? Our Marie Jo lingerie stylists explain.

Which bra suits you best? The ultimate bra guide!

Marie Jo carries a wide range of bra styles, from padded and non-padded, to plunging bras, balcony bras, push-up bras, and full-cup bras. Want to know which bra style suits your breasts best? Find out with our style guide!  

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