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My Invisible Force

When your lingerie complements your body and your outfit, you radiate confidence. What you're feeling is #MyInvisibleForce. Let these looks by Anke inspire you. How do you style your favorite lingerie? Share it with us by tagging @mariejolingerie and using the hashtag #MyInvisibleForce.

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"I feel just a little bit stronger with Marie Jo lingerie, that's the power of beautiful lingerie."

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How do you match your lingerie with your outfit?

"I always try to see what my look needs. If I wear a basic outfit, I like it that you see a striking piece of bra. If I'm going out for the evening, it can be a bit sexy in terms of cleavage. If I'm wearing a striking look or colour, I want basic lingerie that fits well and does something for my body. Bras may be seen, underwear has become outerwear in the current fashion. Under a blazer, just a bra for a night out is my perfect look."

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What effect does Marie Jo lingerie have on you?

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