Marie Jo Nellie | Marie Jo
Marie Jo Nellie | Marie Jo

Marie Jo Nellie

The perfect lingerie doesn’t exist? Meet Nellie: sizzling in electric blue or a bit quieter in ivory. A subtle sense of luxury in every fit - there’s definitely a style that fits your body and style perfectly. In for a sensual summer? Try the wireless bodysuit. Subtle under a summer dress, showstopping as a top with a blazer.

Marie Jo Chen | Marie Jo
Marie Jo Chen | Marie Jo

Marie Jo Chen

Chen: a feast of flowers for your bosom. Celebrate a sultry summer with breezy broderie and rich colours. Get your va-va-voom going with the balcony style: the looks of a classic corset with the renowned comfort of Marie Jo lingerie. Enchanté, milady!

MJ - MIF Chen - Square | Marie Jo

Well, there you are. One minute the sun shines, the next you get soaked in a summer shower. An umbrella? Who are you kidding. Mood - and outfit - ruined? Hell, no. Your reflection might be drowned, but your invisible force is stronger than ever. Come rain, come shine: Marie Jos has got your back!

Marie Jo Agnes | Marie Jo
Marie Jo Agnes | Marie Jo

Marie Jo Agnes

Flowers, polka dots and pink? Isn’t that a bit too much? Hey, the happier, the better, right? Marie Jo Agnes combines flower broderie with powerful pink and playful dots. Comfort meets power for your daily dose of daring.

MJ - Blog - Meet our MJ icons - Avero - Landscape | Marie Jo

Marie Jo Avero

Marie Jo Avero is Marie Jo's bestselling brand. The unique mix of sleek checked fabric and romantic daisies on the straps captivates women season after season.

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