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Full-cup bra: A fan favorite

A full-cup bra has high-cut cups that offer full coverage. This is the preferred shape for many women. A full-cup bra creates a stunning silhouette and provides optimum support. It fits like a dream and creates natural lift. What are the features of a full-cup bra? And what is the styling effect? Read all about it in this post.

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Full-cup bra: Key features

Each shape has its own unique characteristics. How do you spot a full-cup bra?

  • The cups offer full coverage
  • The center gore is cut high and separates the breasts
  • The straps are set closer to the neck

A full-cup bra is not the same as a balcony bra. If you’d like to learn more about the different shapes and their styling effect, our Marie Jo stylists would be happy to share their professional advice. All women deserve to find their perfect fit!

Full-cup bra: The styling effect

Each shape has a specific effect on your breasts and your overall look. A full-cup bra:

  • lifts and centers the breasts

  • creates a natural, rounded shape

  • provides optimum support

This is the perfect shape for many women. A full-cup bra flatters all clothing styles. However, the edge of the bra may peek out under low-cut tops or dresses.

What’s your ideal style?

Not sure what shape suits you best? Could you use some personal style advice? Make an appointment at a Marie Jo boutique near you. We're here to help!
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