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A heart-shaped bra for stunning cleavage

The pre-formed cups lift your breasts and create full and feminine cleavage. The upper cups are heart-shaped for a sophisticated and seductive look. This shape fits like a dream, which makes it popular with women who have smaller or wider-set breasts. What are the features of a heart-shaped bra? And what is the styling effect?

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Heart-shaped bra: Key features

Each Marie Jo shape has its own unique qualities and styling effect. A heart-shaped bra has:

  • pre-formed cups
  • heart-shaped cups

The effect? A heart-shaped bra lifts the breasts and offers excellent support without creating a push-up effect. The result is a gorgeous silhouette and natural cleavage. This feminine shape flatters all outfits, particularly low-cut tops and dresses, as the shape creates beautiful cleavage.

A heart-shaped bra is not a push-up bra

Some shapes look similar and are easy to confuse. Our tips? A push-up bra has extra padding that lifts the breasts and a heart-shaped bra does not. They do, however, create the same effect: Gorgeous cleavage. Our advice for smaller breasts is to choose a heart-shaped bra.

What’s your ideal style?

Not sure what shape suits you best? Could you use some personal style advice? Make an appointment at a Marie Jo boutique near you. We're here to help!
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