Mirror, mirror on the wall

With “My Invisible Force”, we are launching a brand-new campaign that focuses on the incredible impact of the right lingerie on women’s self confidence. Let’s be honest: The image women have of themselves is a deciding factor in how they experience their lives. That little something extra that convinces us that we are capable of moving mountains, even when it seems impossible at that point in time, is our “invisible force”.

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Invisible Force

Lingerie has been our greatest passion for four decades, and we are all familiar with those fleeting, casual glances to check our reflection in the mirror before leaving the house, or when we walk past a store window. You can always tell when someone’s wearing lingerie with a perfect fit – not only because their clothes look better, but because they radiate confidence. That’s why it’s high time to pull out all the stops with a fantastic campaign in which we capture the power (and beauty) of feminine confidence.

When you wear your favorite MJ lingerie set and look in the mirror you instantly know: No matter what the day will bring, you are ready for it. Because what you are wearing underneath your outfit is #MyInvisibleForce. An absolutely stunning lingerie set with a perfect fit that makes you feel just that little bit more confident.