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What is your #MyInvisibleForce?

How do you make your favorite Marie Jo set part of your unique look? Be inspired by some fabulous styling tips from international fashion stylists. Share your outfit with us and other Marie Jo lovers all over the world through the hashtag #MyInvisibleForce.

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Integrate Marie Jo Jane into your total look | Marie Jo
Integrate Marie Jo Jane into your total look | Marie Jo

Integrate Marie Jo Jane into your total look

If your lingerie is too pretty not to show, just make it part of your outfit, like Marie. Lace lingerie under an open blouse is always a hit. Sexy and yet comfy!

Meet the stylists

Farah El Bastani | Marie Jo
Farah El Bastani | Marie Jo

Farah El Bastani

BIO: Farah is 32 years old and works as a fashion stylist in the heart of Antwerp. Thanks to her love for color, prints, and gorgeous fabrics, she always knew that she would end up working in the fashion industry.

PERSONAL STYLE: “Maximalism! My mantra is: ‘the bolder, the better!’ When you’re wearing the right outfit you feel good, and this makes you radiate confidence.”

KNOWN FROM: “I have dressed several Belgian celebrities in the past, and was brought on as a stylist for Zombies and Bittersweet 16. My work has been published in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, and ELLE.”

FAVORITE TREND: “That’s hard to say! There are so many. I can, however, tell you which trends I hope will never undergo a revival: jeggings and ultra-tight skinny jeans.”

Anke de Jong | Marie Jo
Anke de Jong | Marie Jo

Anke de Jong

BIO: Anke grew up in a small village in the Dutch province of Friesland, but left for the big city to take a shot at making her dreams come true. She is currently the editor-in-chief of ELLE and also works as a fashion expert for the ‘RTL Boulevard’ TV chat show.

PERSONAL STYLE: “My style is sporty-chic. There’s nothing I like more than combining a blazer with a pair of sneakers or a hoody with high heels. Oh, and I also wear caps a lot!”

KNOWN FROM: “I used to work for Glamour, which made me the youngest editor-in-chief of a Dutch fashion magazine.”

FAVORITE TREND: “Color, color, and more color! Considering that a few years ago all I wore was black, gray, and white, that’s quite a change. From this year onwards, I am going for lots and lots of color! The only good thing the lockdown brought us: Uggs.”

Marie Guérin​ | Marie Jo
Marie Guérin​ | Marie Jo

Marie Guérin​

BIO: Marie is editor-in-chief of ELLE Belgium. She is passionate about fashion and how it impacts our lives. Marie describes fashion as a perfect combination of art and functionality. The key to working in the fashion industry according to Marie? Curiosity, creativity, and passion!

PERSONAL STYLE: “Cheerful colors! I try to create a surprising effect with unexpected combinations of prints and textures. I love mixing and matching designer clothing, vintage items, and streetwear. Fashion never stops being a fantastic source of inspiration to me!”

KNOWN FOR: “Always being overdressed. Really: always and everywhere.”

FAVORITE TREND: “Maximalism, of course. What else could it possibly be?”