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Are you wearing the right bra size? Find out with these 6 checks! ​

Gorgeous, but is it comfortable? Well, duh! With her perfect fit, Marie Jo ensures your lingerie always feels wonderful. These six tips will help you determine whether you’re wearing the right size.​

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1. The back band ​

Fasten your bra on the middle hook and see if you can fit three fingers under the clasp. If you can and if the band doesn't ride up when you raise your arms, you're in the right size.

The back band (not the cups) provides the most support. In fact, it does 80% of the heavy lifting!

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2. The underwire ​

Press against the underwire. If it bounces back or pokes into your breasts or under your arms, you're in the wrong size or shape. If it lies flush with your skin, you’ve found the perfect fit.

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3. The centre gore​

The center gore is the part that connect the two cups. If your bra fits perfectly, the gore will lie flat against your chest. If the gore is raised and doesn't touch your skin, you’re wearing the wrong cup or band size or you're in the wrong style for your shape and size.

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4. The cups​

If the cups gape or if the fabric wrinkles and puckers, try a smaller cup size. If the sides of your bra dig in or if you have spillage on the top or the sides, your bra is too small.

This is known as quadriboob (when it looks like you have four breasts instead of two).

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5. The straps ​

If you can fit two fingers under your straps, you've found the perfect fit.

Straps should feel comfortable on your shoulders without pinching or digging in. All Marie Jo straps are covered in soft fabric.

6. How does it feel? ​

How does your bra feel? Even if you’ve found the perfect size, how a bra feels is the most important test. You may feel more comfortable in a bra with more coverage or in a more revealing style made from lighter materials.

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