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Bra problems and their solutions

Marie Jo designs lingerie for all women and all occasions. Before we launch a bra, we make sure it is extensively tested by real women for several months. We are committed to helping all women feel proud and confident. That’s why our experienced lingerie stylists are happy to advise you on the most common bra problems, from underwire poke and painful shoulders to asymmetrical breasts, cups that dig in, and straps that won't stay put. We’re here for you. Together we can solve any bra problem!

How to prevent cups that dig in

Picture this: You find the perfect bra in your favorite lingerie boutique, but it’s not available in your size. Your creative solution? Try the bra in a smaller cup size and loosen the straps and the back. Done! Or are you? If you check your breasts in profile, you’ll notice that the too-small cups have effectively segmented your breasts. You've now got spillage from the top (and possibly also from the sides). The result? Quadriboob

Asymmetrical breasts are perfectly normal

Do you have asymmetrical breasts? Don’t worry, this is completely normal! In fact, perfectly symmetrical breasts don't exist. However, the difference is more noticeable for some women than for others. If you have trouble finding a bra to fit your breasts, Marie Jo has the ideal solution. Marie Jo designs unique lingerie for all women and all occasions.

Say goodbye to straps that won’t stay put

Will your straps not stay put? Are you constantly reaching under your shirt to readjust your bra straps? In addition to being bothersome, this bra woe can lead to neck and back problems in the long run – especially if you have larger breasts. Fortunately, the solution is simple. With the clever tips from our Marie Jo lingerie stylists, you can say goodbye to straps that won’t stay put.

Underwire poke: Cause and solution

Marie Jo bras fit like a dream, feel wonderfully soft, and are oh-so comfortable. If you suffer from painful underwire poke, you could be wearing the wrong bra size. You're not alone! Research has shown that eight out of ten women . The good news is that most fit issues are obvious the second you try on a bra, which makes it an easy problem to solve.

The simple solution for straps that dig in

Do your shoulders hurt because your straps are too tight? Do they leave red marks after a long day? Do you have neck pain or back pain? Many women occasionally suffer from straps that dig in. And yet the solution is deceptively simple: Wear the right bra size! Marie Jo bras have an impeccable fit, perfect support, and are supremely comfortable. With the tips from our lingerie stylists, you’ll never suffer from too-tight straps again.

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