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Feeling sexy? Get your garter belt on

One thing’s for sure: it’s incredibly hot. But garter belts are not your everyday choice of lingerie. Maybe because you think it’s such a fuss to put them on (or off)? Or because you’re not sure you’re up to it yet (yes, you are!). Or maybe you were just waiting for the answers to these five burning garter belt questions?

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What are garter belts?

Speaking historically, a garter is the name of a band keeping stockings up – think of the famous wedding garter. It made sure wool or silk socks of ladies and men (!) didn’t drop down. As the hemlines of skirts crept up, the garter belt (or suspender belt) was born: a mostly lace belt that kept the stockings up with four or more garter straps.

Nowadays we wear nylon tights or stay-ups: there’s not as much need for a garter belt. Let’s say they are more about fun rather than function.

How do I wear a garter belt?

The million-dollar question: do you wear your garter straps over or under your panties? Above is prettier, under is more practical (think of the heat of the moment or taking a trip to the bathroom…)

There’s no clear answer. Usually, the looks prevail: you wear your straps over your panties. It gives you a bit more freedom to move, too. But hey, wear it under your panties if you like, or even without. You do you!

How do I attach my garter belt?

We’ll be honest: it takes a bit of practice. But closing a bra isn’t easy too, and we’ve got the hang of that, right? And look: here’s a garter belt manual!

  1. Put on your garter belt.
  2. Put on your stockings.
  3. Take a seat! Your garter straps have to be long enough to sit and stand in. They’ll end up at the most comfortable length when you attach them while seated.
  4. Open the garter clips and attach the front straps first. You can play with the length of the straps until they are perfect.
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When can I wear a garter belt?

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Why would you save it up for that one ‘special’ day? Spice up your average Tuesday with a garter belt, combine it with a classic black skirt for a very, very sexy effect, surprise your partner and yourself on date night… Find your own good reason to wear one. It gives you a huge confidence boost. You’ll walk a bit straighter. And your look? To die for.

Which stockings should I wear with a garter belt?

First of all: wear stockings, not tights. Second: don’t wear self-adhesive stockings or stay-ups. The silicone band that keeps them up is too thick and will not fit between the garter clips. Apart from that, you’re totally free: choose your colour and style to suit your mood and outfit. It’s up to you!