Marie Jo Swim

Spice up your summer with the flashy styles of Marie Jo Isaura! This feel-good swimwear will give you an instant boost on the beach, at the pool, in your own backyard, and everywhere else you go this summer!

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ss21 mjsw isaura - bikini - square


Do you love the boho-chic beach look? Then the stylish sequins, cheery embroidery, and flashy color of Marie Jo Isaura are definitely for you.

ss21 mjsw isaura - triangle - square

Styles for all shapes and sizes

A flirty triangle bikini with padded cups, a strapless bikini for the perfect tan, and an elegant padded bikini that creates the perfect rounded shape. We have a style to suit all shapes and sizes.

ss21 mjsw isaura - dress - square

Airy summer dress

Feel like grabbing an ice cream or taking a stroll along the promenade? Then slip this flashy pink summer dress over your bikini or swimsuit for a light and stylish look!

ss21 mjsw isaura - dress - landscape

The boho-chic beach look in poppy colors is a real eye-catcher this summer.