What is the best way to put on a bra? | Marie Jo

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  1. Wrap your bra around your waist and hook the closure in front of you. Make note of the location of the bra's label (e.g. side seam, back).
  2. Turn your bra clockwise until the front of your bra is centered. This ensures that the excess on the adjustment flap lays flat against your back.
  3. Bring bra up so that the bra band is resting directly under the breasts.
  4. Slip the shoulder straps over your shoulders.
  5. Run your finger along the area where the bra's label is to make sure it is lying smooth and flat against your skin.
  6. Tug downward on the back of the bra so that it rests beneath the shoulder blades. The line of the bra should be horizontal from front to back.
  7. Bend over at the waist and ease your breasts into the cups. One technique is to pull the band down and shake until the breasts fall into place. Another technique is to move the breast around with your hand until it is satisfactorily in the cup. Your nipples should be centered into the fullest point of the cup, and the cup should completely contain the breast (with the exception of push-up and demi cup styles). If your bra has a center seam, make sure your nipple is on the seam - this will reduce your nipples from showing.
  8. Stand upright and visually check to see that your breasts are in the proper position.NOTE: Critics of this technique claim that rotation of the bra around the torso to move the closing fastener to the back wears down the inside of the bra. I disagree. There are also many women who don't have the dexterity to hook a bra in the back. Oh, and a little talcum powder can help the bra spin more readily around your waist.
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