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Frequently asked questions

It’s always great to hear from women who are delighted by how well our lingerie fits them. It means we’re doing the right things in our quest to produce the perfect bra.

Each bra is the result of a creative process that draws on our many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of lingerie and our know-how with regards to fabrics, materials and styling. We understand that lingerie design is a job for the experts.

Beachwear and lingerie are made from completely different fabrics and materials. Women also place different demands on their beachwear. That means we could not guarantee perfect fitting Marie Jo bikinis. And we’re not prepared to accept that.

Consumers increasingly want to do their shopping online. We understand why: you can shop when it suits you, from the comfort of your own home. Lingerie is not immune from this trend.

That said, at Marie Jo we have made a conscious decision not to sell our products online. That’s because online shopping is an impersonal activity, which means there’s no one on hand to give you personal advice. There’s no one to tell you about the pros and cons of the various styles. There’s no one to take your measurements again to make sure your bra size hasn’t changed. No one to make sure you find the perfect fit.

That’s why when you shop for lingerie online you are much more likely to end up with a bra that doesn't fit as well as you’d like. Bras are a bit like shoes. They can look like a million bucks, but if they don’t fit you won’t be happy with them.  

We don’t want to take that risk. Which is why we always recommend you go to a specialty lingerie boutique, where they will be able to help you find the perfect bra for you.

The most obvious answer would be: avoid balconnets and try a strapless bra or a halter. But the real solution lies elsewhere.

A lot of women blame the setting on the cup for straps that constantly slip off the shoulder. But what everyone forgets is that the connection of strap to back panel and the back panel itself are at least as important.

It’s essential to get the underbust size right. The bra should never be too roomy against the rib cage, because that will cause the back panel to ride up and the straps to hang looser than they should. The straps will also rest further along the shoulder, which will increase the probability of them slipping off.

A Marie Jo balconnet is specially designed to minimise the likelihood of the straps slipping off your shoulders.

This really depends on the individual. Some women perspire more than others, and their clothes and so also their lingerie will need washing more often. Use your eyes and your nose to determine whether you need to change your bra.

We can give you a few washing tips.
Your bra will last longer if you wash it by hand. If you do prefer to machine wash, be sure to use a wash bag, never use wool detergents and never wash at higher than 30°C. You should never put your bra in the tumble dryer or dry it in direct sunlight or close to a strong heat source, like a radiator.

A gorgeous wedding dress obviously deserves gorgeous lingerie! The Marie Jo collection includes lots of white and off-white lingerie to ensure you look radiant on your big day! The best option under a halter dress is a strapless bra, a halter bra or a corsage. It’s for you to choose what you feel most comfortable wearing.

This season, there are various Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure bras and corsages that may do the job. There’s one in off-white in the Pauline series and one in white and off-white in the Jane series. Not forgetting Avero. Be sure to take a look at the Tom series, too. You might find just the bridal lingerie you are looking for. There’s plenty to choose from in the Daniel series as well. And remember to choose the right briefs. One final thing: our shapewear range is ideal for radiant brides.

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