The secret to a chic modern day-to-night style

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The secret to a chic modern day-to-night style

The perfect invisible basic to team up with from sunup to sundown? Nicky’s basic briefs show how chic modern women approach dressing—classy and elegant yet functional. These easy to mix briefs are the ideal partner to pair with every day-to-night look. 

Make your closet work harder by selecting fun, easy to wear briefs. These invisible briefs are the ideal partner to pair with every day-to-night look. Nicky’s versatile masterpieces of modern lingerie are easy to mix and lend a sophisticated look to any silhouette, whether taking meetings or socializing after dark.

Our favourite set this fall? Nicky in Empire Green paired with Bob in Fruits d’Automne. It’s the perfect partner to team up with a sleek maxi dress from sunup to sundown. And doesn’t everybody rock a cashmere body-hugging maxi dress?

A knitted maxi dress is always a strong outfit for an early meeting or an important appointment any time of the day. We cut a chic yet effortless figure by throwing over a blazer in the finest silk.


Fast-forward some hours later: we switch the blazer for a leather perfecto to add a hint of classy comfort at night. By the time you’re ready to meet your friends with a cocktail in your hand, your look will still be comfy yet dashing. Sure, a few key accessories such as a high-quality leather shopper – with a clutch hidden in it – a gold necklace and black boots will help you to make this smart transition through the day.


Would you rather keep it minimal? Opt for Nicky Venus and combine it with Caro Venus. This timeless lingerie set makes sure your working wardrobe is up to the job with any silhouette in your wardrobe.

Do you fancy another colour? A palette of six complementary colours ensures that Nicky goes gorgeously with your wardrobe as well as any Marie Jo and Marie Jo L'Aventure bra. You’ll wonder what you did without one. Discover all the Nicky colours in a specialty lingerie shop near you at

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