Marie Jo’s summer essentials

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Marie Jo’s summer essentials

The summer seems to have experienced a false start, but Marie Jo is all set to race out of the blocks. Still trying to decide what lingerie you absolutely cannot do without to pull off all your summer looks? Here are our three must-haves:



1.       Summer versatility

The summer is the ideal season for light dresses. Stylishly nonchalant at a garden party with sandals. Playfully fresh with espadrilles at the beach. Or perfect with pumps on a sultry summer evening. Prefer a sexy halter dress? Or an elegant top cut low at the back? Romy can be worn as a balcony, strapless or halter. Your lingerie drawer just isn’t complete without this all-round bra.

Like a bit more of an edgy look? Buzz’s crossed straps on your back are a playful touch. If you’d rather have a versatile bra you can wear under that racerback top or with the straps in the regular position, Buzz is the one to go for.

2.       Sexy strapless

A pretty bustier dress or a bohemian off-shoulder top – a strapless bra like Dante’s is perfect with either.

Have you lined up a strapless dress or bandeau top that’s cut extra low at the front? Or do you prefer to keep your lingerie out of sight under your summer outfit? Dante is the ideal invisible under any outfit, due to its chic nude design.

3.       The eye-catcher 

Your wardrobe just isn’t the same without a statement piece. And the same goes for your lingerie drawer. A gorgeously romantic set with lots of flamboyant lace, like Jane in Fiesta Red, is an attention-grabber under an oversized top or transparent blouse.

These outfits are totally summer-proof. Wear with a blazer to your favourite cocktail bar or tapas restaurant in the evening. And when the temperature drops a few degrees, pull on a rough-knit cardigan.

Take our advice and you’ll keep all your options open this summer: effortlessly uncomplicated with Dante in Cream or the ultimate statement with Jane in Fiesta Red. Enjoy a carefree summer!

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