Marie Jo shows you how to wear the ultimate spring trends

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Marie Jo shows you how to wear the ultimate spring trends

Spring 2016 – looking forward to it as much as we are? We’ve had enough of that dirty winter weather too! But there’s another, bigger, reason, of course: all the new fashions that will soon be arriving in the shops. We serve up our three favourite trends and propose a matching lingerie set for each of them. Because we have a feeling you’re looking forward to these fresh new fashions just as much as we are. No?

Eleonor presents an elegant take on the ubiquitous floral trend. This lingerie set combines a flowery print with high-quality Leavers lace in a soft colour palette. The Victorian floral print plunges water colours into a fragrant bed of flowers in soft yellow, sweet orange, dashing lilac and voluptuous purple.

This lingerie set creates a gorgeously feminine silhouette with a flowery midi skirt and elegant body or girly shorts with white blouse in eyelet embroidery. If you prefer to tone down the romance, you can of course go in the other direction: this lingerie trend also looks fabulous on tomboys. Go for androgynous boyfriend jeans with classic white shirt.

If you’d like to show off your feminine side more, then Eva is simply ineluctable. This set is pure Modern Romance. The sophisticated mix of high-grade lace and refined embroidery guarantees you a seductive look. Eva looks best in a hyper-feminine silhouette. For us a monochrome maxi-dress is the obvious choice.

Baptiste swings completely the other way. This lingerie set is a subtle take on the graphic stripe trend. The minimalistic pattern and seamless finish go hand in hand with navy stripes.

This trend goes well with a sporty chic look in innovative materials like neoprene. Go for purely tailored trousers with high-tech top. If you’d prefer something a little more classic, opt for a spring tux with wide top. Whatever you do, this set will always exude pure class, so you need to show off a bit of skin to achieve the full effect.

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