Three ultimate lingerie tips to banish the winter blues

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Three ultimate lingerie tips to banish the winter blues

Blue Monday on the way? Marie Jo’s Jane, Dolores and Eleonor help you beat your winter blues. Marie Jo has gone for pale blue to sweep away that hibernal gloom. From turquoise through sapphire blue to flowered pale blue: this spring’s trendiest colour – in a range of shades – will get you out of your blue funk.

This year blue has clearly targeted black’s crown. If Marie Jo has anything to do with it, classic black will make way for fresher blue this year. It’s just as beguiling, just as timeless. Soft blue lingerie is the ultimate medicine against the winter blues this year. You’ll be swept away by our favourite eye-catchers Jane, Dolores and Eleonor.


Jane in Capri Blue melts away your winter gloom like snow in the summer sun. This playful and flattering lingerie set catches the eye with refined floral embroidery. The gleaming new strings of pearls give the minimalistic, contemporary style a romantic twist. Plus this light Capri blue looks gorgeous with the summer azure tints that are dominating the collections this summer. 

Like to be even more seductive? Dolores in Sapphire Blue is the perfect eye-catcher. Slightly transparent yet elegant at the same time, just the right balance of playful and provocative. The balcony bra with vertical seam is unparalleled in its combination of voluptuousness and contemporary class. Whether you opt for fabulous cleavage or a turtle neck transparent top, Dolores is the ideal way to create gorgeous round breasts.

Crying out for an exotic twist? Go for Eleonor in Brazilian Garden. The adorable Brazilian floral print whisks you away to the tropics in the wink of an eye. The high-grade lace runs lavishly over the floral print. Flirtatious accents go perfectly with a ravishing neckline. And the innovative cut ensures a perfect fit.



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