Is there enough colour in your lingerie drawer?

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Is there enough colour in your lingerie drawer?

65% of women wear only black or white lingerie. Time for a change!

While your lingerie is not always visible, the colour of your set is more important than you think!

1: The right colour makes you radiant.
Do you know what colour type you are? Do you look good in warm or cold colours? Bear this in mind when you go lingerie shopping. The lingerie stylist in the specialty lingerie boutique will be able to help you with this.

2: Wear red under white.
Did you know that a lipstick red bra is perfectly invisible under a white outfit? Indispensible in every lingerie drawer.

3. Lingerie as accessory.
Sometimes it can be very smart and stylish to show off a little bit of your lingerie. Such as wearing your bra halter style, with the strap around your neck. Take care to ensure your lingerie colour goes with your outfit.

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