Red lingerie = a happy (love) life!

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Red lingerie = a happy (love) life!

Every woman has one in her drawer. If you don’t, you really should get one as soon as you can. A red bra, that is. Or even better: a bright red lingerie set. Because red is the colour lingerie looks best in. And when you wear red lingerie, you can be sure of a happy (love) life.

Red lingerie brings good luck

In the West and China red is a typical party colour, especially in the period around Christmas and New Year. That has to do with red’s symbolic value: wearing it at the beginning of the year is said to bring good luck. In southern European countries like Italy and Spain it’s essential to wear a red bra or knickers on New Year’s Eve. And in Latin America women believe their love live will bloom if they wear red lingerie during the passage from the old to the new year. It’s worth a try, if you’re asking us!

Everyone loves red

Psychologists say that colours influence how we think and act. Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta studied the effect colour has on people from different cultural backgrounds. Their findings? That men find women in red more attractive and that women are more attracted to men in a red shirt or against a red backdrop. To put it simply, everyone loves red.

Sexy red in Hollywood

Red is the colour of love and passion across the globe. For us, those two things are inextricably linked to sexuality and red is the colour of seduction. Red lips or shoes, a deep-red dress or fiery red lingerie: they all symbolise sensuality. The best examples are found in Hollywood. Like Julia Roberts’ dress in Pretty Woman and the naked Mena Suvari laid out on the bed covered with red rose petals in American Beauty.

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