Marie Jo Avero in Sol and Florida: sensual, sunny and oooooh so sexy

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Marie Jo Avero in Sol and Florida: sensual, sunny and oooh so sexy

Think: summer temperatures. Think: your most colourful dress. Think: a refreshing ice cream. In the newest trendy colours Marie Jo Avero blows a sultry breeze through your lingerie drawer. But how are you going to choose between sensual yellow Sol and warm pink Florida. Maybe you should just take both? Florida Sun, anyone?

Marie Jo Avero in Sol
a refreshing sunny sorbet tint

If lingerie were food, the newest Marie Jo Avero in Sol would definitely be a mouth-watering sorbet. One you can never get enough of. Go on, admit it, that cheerful mix of sunflower yellow and off white is irresistible? We certainly think so! And we don’t mind at all, because yellow brings out the summer sun again. Optimistic, youthful and daring: try Marie Jo Avero in Sol and feel the sun on your skin…

Marie Jo Avero in Florida
a warm pink that brightens up your summer skin

If Sol is an ice cream, apricot pink Florida is a tasty piece of summer fruit. Warm, feminine and oh so sweet. Just look at those adorable Avero daisies: this season they turn heads with glittering flowers! The perfect way to show off your beautifully tanned shoulders under a summer top. What are you waiting for? Get yourself in the Mediterranean mood with Marie Jo Avero in Florida.



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