3 myths about strapless bras

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3 myths about strapless bras

The strapless bra is an absolute must in your lingerie drawer if you like bandeau tops and strapless dresses. Just perfect for this Christmas! Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about strapless bras. Marie Jo deals with them one by one.

MYTH 1: A strapless bra always slips down

If you buy a strapless bra with the right cup and band size, it will always stay perfectly in place. That’s because strapless bras have extra reinforcement in the back wings, an elastic silicone strip to ensure there’s absolutely no sagging.

MYTH 2: A strapless bra gives your breasts no support

There’s an easy way to prove this is not so. Stand in front of the mirror in your strapless top without a bra on and then take another look with your bra on. If you bounce up and down a few times you’ll see a real difference.

The strapless bra is specially designed to give your breasts all the support they need. The back wings are straight and are made from very firm elastic material. The cups are also tailored a little differently: the gore between the breasts is often a little higher and the underwires are positioned a little higher at the sides.

MYTH 3: A strapless bra always looks the same

Strapless bras come in various styles. The bandeau style is very common, but there are lots of different types and there are often many different looks to choose from. Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure come in various colours too, without adornment or with luxurious embroidery or accents. So, it’s a good idea to get the advice of a lingerie stylist to identify the style that best suits you (and the occasion).

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