Marie Jo, a love story that spans generations

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Marie Jo, a love story that spans generations

Marie Jo appeals to different generations and strengthens the ties between grandmothers, mothers and daughters. That was clearly shown by the Mother’s Day competition entries we received. And we’re so pleased to hear it! Here are a few of the best stories ...

“My mum taught me to be happy with my body from a young age, including the breasts Mother Nature had in store for me. She also told me about the importance of a good bra. I’m now passing this on to my own daughters. So thank you Marie Jo, we feel the difference every day!”

“My mother always saved the Marie Jo brochures to show me the new collections. She would fold the corner of the page with the sets she thought would look good on me. When I looked through the brochures I usually ended up at the same sets my mum had marked. Our style is different, but, even so, my mother always knew what would suit me.”

“My teenage daughter invariably helps choose the sets ‘dad’ buys me for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. I now know with complete certainty that I will introduce my daughter to the wonderful world of Marie Jo, because wearing Marie Jo makes me feel totally feminine! And what mother doesn't want the best for her daughter ...”

“It’s great start to the day every morning when you can slip into beautiful lingerie. It’s a gift to yourself and a great way of starting the day! In our home there are quite a lot of variations in terms of styles and colours. As a mother of three daughters it is sometimes hard to see and accept how age and illness mark your body. Those firm teenage bodies contrast sharply with the somewhat more mature 'youth'. Happily I’ve discovered that Marie Jo has very nice bodysuits, which give you a nice ‘firm’ feeling and ensure your clothes look perfect. Marie Jo has something for everyone… even my husband, because appearances count!”

“We are fans going back as far as four generations! Gran, mum and me still always go to the same lingerie boutique to buy our Marie Jo lingerie. Gran and mum were there when I got my first bra. We still go shopping together for perfect lingerie for my mum. And my 79-year-old gran still feels beautiful in a gorgeous Marie Jo bra! I have had my daughter for two years now and she always joins us when we go hunting for lingerie. We're really looking forward to buying her first Marie Jo bra!”

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