How do you pamper your cleavage? Four care tips from a professional make-up artist

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How do you pamper your cleavage? Four care tips from a professional make-up artist

Do you know the secret of a radiant neckline? Proper care and an occasional treat. Make-up artist Sabine Peeters shares her tips and tricks with you. Find out how the professionals do it.

Sabine Peeters: “In my job as a make-up artist I see a lot of breasts. No biggie… I can handle it. Models have to be totally comfortable with their body, as showing it off is how they make their money. But I do see a lot of uncertainty about breasts away from the fashion scene. Few women seem to be genuinely happy with their breasts or know how to treat them right. It’s such a shame!

If you love your breasts you should be nice to them, touch them and show them adoration. They are part of who you are and let’s be honest: if men had breasts like we did they would show them off 24/7.


Now, it’s important to take care of your breasts as well as possible, because the tender skin has to cope with suckling babies, gravity and UV rays. Happily, the sun is something you can protect yourself from! With that in mind, I have some practical tips for you to keep your breasts looking tip-top during the summer months.”


TIP 1: Rub plenty of cream in!

“Make sure you slap on the sunscreen when going out in the hot sun. Sunburnt breasts are a real pain, so make sure you choose one with the highest possible protection factor. It should be waterproof and perspiration-resistant too. Other kinds of skin cream are also important. Choose a rich cream and rub plenty of it in over your whole body before you go to bed. You won’t have any problems with greasiness and you will wake with a soft skin.”


TIP 2:Scrub & rub

“You can make an extra effort once a week and go for a body scrub, which removes all dead skin and stimulates the growth of new skin.”


TIP 3: Be sparing with heavy perfumes!

A lot of women make the mistake of putting on winter perfume in the summer. As we mainly spray perfume on neck and chest the combination of perfume and UV rays can lead to pigment spots there. So it’s advisable to get a summer edition of your favourite scent.


TIP 4: Massage, please…

Lastly, I recommend everyone to massage their own breasts. You can even get someone else to do it – it’s a lot sexier that way. That not only helps you become more familiar with your own body, it also stimulates your circulation, which improves firmness. I’m sure your partner would have no problem with that?”

Thanks, Sabine!


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