All I want for Christmas is … lingerie!

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All I want for Christmas is … lingerie!

It's best to start doing the groundwork a couple of weeks or so before Christmas, with some subtle hints ;-) to help your partner understand what your dream gift is: a new Marie Jo set, of course!

Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Casually mention the name of your favourite specialty lingerie shop a week or two before Christmas, so your partner knows where to go. They’ll have your measurements on file and they’ll know exactly what you like. So there’s a big chance he’ll return with just the right set. And if he’s not totally sure, there’s always a gift voucher. You can always drop by together to choose something you like.
  • Are you a fan of Marie Jo lingerie on Facebook? It’s easy to share a photo of your favourite set on your wall – or even on his wall. Subtle? Maybe not. Effective? You bet!
  • Rustle up the biggest pair of drawers you can find and wear them with the most boring bra you have. Go shopping for a party outfit with him and make sure he’s in the fitting room to see you undress… Who knows, he might drag you straight off to buy a more seductive set well before Christmas?

Good luck!

Here’s to a passionate Christmas (and the perfect gift ;-)!


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