Find the perfect bra size in 6 steps

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Find the perfect bra size in 6 steps

Only 30% of all women wear the correct bra size. With these tips and the professional advice from one of our lingerie styling experts, you can become one of them in just 6 steps!

1. Putting on your bra

Bend over and gently shake your shoulders to allow your breasts to fall into your bra as if they were drops. Stand up again and fasten the bra. Ensure that the back section is perfectly horizontal around your body.


2. Checking the back section

The back section is the most important part of your bra, as it must give the necessary amount of support. The correct back size ensures that the back section fits properly around the body, lifting the breasts.

To provide sufficient support, the back section must be perfectly horizontal around your body. This is why the lingerie styling expert will always check that the back section does not fit any higher than the underwiring at the front.


3. Adjusting the shoulder straps

Very few women have breasts that are exactly the same size. This is why it is best to adjust the straps separately, so that each breast is given the necessary support and your breasts become symmetrical.

Make sure the straps don’t move loosely over the shoulders and adjust them until you have a perfect fit. It’s no use tightening the straps for more lift as they  provide only 10% of the support!


4. Checking the central front panel

The piece of material that connects the two cups of your bra must rest on your breastbone and fit comfortably. If it ‘floats’ between your breasts, you are not wearing the correct size.


5. Checking the underwiring

While you are putting on and fastening your bra, the underwiring should open up a little to enable it to fit nicely around your breasts. Can you feel the underwiring poking into your skin just below your armpit? Then the bra is too large. If the underwiring pokes the breast tissue, it is too small.


6. Following the line of the cup

The cup may not cut into your skin or leave a gap. The transition from cup to breast has to be smooth. Letting your breasts bulge out is not done! The lingerie styling expert will also check that your nipples fit into the deepest part of the cup, and that there are no folds in the material.


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