Which bra fits your colour type?

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Which bra fits your colour type?

Find it hard to choose between all the new colours in the winter collection because they are all so gorgeous? Or do you feel like a change after realising you have too many basic colours in your lingerie drawer? Marie Jo gives fans of rich colours a real treat this season. From soft grey to emerald green, from passionate red to deep blue: there’s something for everyone. But which colours flatter your skin and which don’t? Do you know your colour type? Read our tips and you’ll never come home with the wrong colour again.

The best collections for SUMMER TYPES

  • Your eyes: Light grey, greyish blue or greyish green
  • Your complexion: Fresh, light palish, rosy
  • Your hair colour: Ash blonde to ash brown (including clearly visible eyebrows)
  • Famous summer types: Claudia Shiffer, Kate Winslet
  • You’re radiant in: Soft colours with a cool undertone, like pastels
  • Your ideal choice from the Marie Jo collections: Marie Jo’s Jane in Topaz Blue, almost purple, or Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Frank in Sapphire Blue, a print in grey, red and blue.

The best collections for WINTER TYPES

  • Your eyes: Dark brown, steel blue or clear greyish blue
  • Your complexion: Palish rosy or olive, porcelain
  • Your hair: Dark (medium to dark brown and black), contrasting strongly with your pale complexion
  • Famous winter types: Angelina Jolie, Juliette Binoche
  • You’re radiant in: Bright, full colours with a cool undertone (white, black, blue, fuchsia)

Your ideal choice from the Marie Jo collections: You look radiant in white and black combinations, so Marie Jo’s Gabrielle in Meringue or Marie Jo’s Avero, funky in Crystal Black, fit perfectly!


The best collections for SPRING TYPES

  • Your eyes: Light (blue, green) or warm brown (soft brown, hazel), rarely dark
  • Your complexion: Pale, ivory, often with freckles
  • Your hair: Pale blonde or golden brown, copper glow, honey, with light eyebrows
  • Famous spring types: Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum
  • You’re radiant in: Fresh colours with a warm undertone (yellow, orange, green, beige)

Your ideal choice from the Marie Jo collections: Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Ando in Venus, an apricot pink, or Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Yoshi in Rouge Amour

The best collections for AUTUMN TYPES

  • Your eyes: Warm brown, blue or green
  • Your complexion: Warm, golden yellow
  • Your hair: Dark brown, dark blonde, copper or red with clearly visible eyebrows
  • Famous autumn types: Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba
  • You’re radiant in: Warm and intense tints (orange brown, ochre, moss-green, earthy tones)
  • Your ideal choice from the Marie Jo collections: Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Yoshi in Moonrock, a warm chocolate brown, or Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Chet in Red Boudoir, a chic claret.

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