That’s why your Marie Jo is not just a sexy bra

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That’s why your Marie Jo is not just a sexy bra

Every Marie Jo bra is designed in Belgium. And for decades we’ve typically preferred Belgian quality when it comes to fabrics too. Or we have them made to order by renowned European lace and embroidery houses. Always wanted to know why a Marie Jo bra feels so much better than a cheaper supermarket bra? In our 101, we explain why your Marie Jo bra is so much more than just a sexy bra.

Quality fabrics from Belgium
Our suppliers know only too well that we make very stringent quality demands on our fabrics at Marie Jo. Elasticity, sturdiness, colour fastness, touch, shine… Every aspect has to be just so to ensure your Marie Jo bra is a premier product. That’s why we like to have our fabrics made by Belgian manufacturers. They are so close by that we can form a very close partnership. So a final quality test, a last-minute adjustment or an urgent meeting with our designers can be arranged in no time!

Prestigious Leavers lace from Calais
The French city of Calais is the spiritual home of Leavers lace, an extremely prestigious type of lace that is made in a process that has been handed down through the centuries. It’s only logical that we only want the very best for our lingerie to create that emblematic Marie Jo refined luxury. The lace in your Marie Jo bra also keeps its shape and does not fray or tingle like cheaper lace sometimes does.

Refined Swiss embroidery
No other embroidery is quite as fine as Swiss embroidery. The Swiss have a global reputation for superb precision and detail. Which is just what we need to combine fashion and comfort in our luxury lingerie.

Like to know more about these precious materials that make your Marie Jo bra so special? Be sure to read this blog article about the difference between lace and embroidery.


Feel the difference in the Marie Jo boutique
Don’t take our word for it, try on a set at the Marie Jo store closest to you. We’re sure you’ll see your Marie Jo bra in a completely different light once you do.

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