From push-up to shorts: the five ultimate fall items

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From push-up to shorts: the five ultimate fall items

With winter on the way it’s high time you changed up your wardrobe. And you shouldn’t forget to take a critical look at your lingerie drawer too. Are your bras and matching briefs fit for purpose this fall? Or do you need a few more basics to ensure you can switch between party frocks and chunky sweaters without fretting? Fall proof your lingerie drawer now with these five ultimate fall items!

Must-have No 1: The (little) black bra
Black lingerie? Having none is almost unthinkable. A black bra is always stylish, always sexy. This winter there’s something for everyone. If subtle, romantic and refined is your bag, be sure to check out Marie Jo series Amy. Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Ito on the other hand is pure and chic. If you’re well stocked in black and you’d like something else, you should try Marie Jo’s Winter Rose series. A trendy ornate floral print finished with black lace.

Must-have No 2: A push-up bra
Sometimes it’s so cold you need to wrap up from head to toe. Plunging necklines are out. But what you can do is wear a push-up. That will accentuate your curves and help you feel a little more feminine! In fact, you know what? Go with a push-up bra finished all-over with lace. It’s the outstanding trend this winter too. Be sure to check out the push-up bras in the Lauren, Axelle, Gabrielle and Rachel series!

Must-have No 3: A body
This autumn and winter your tricot and woollen dresses are crying out for a streamlined figure. The solution may well be the body in Marie Jo’s Amy or Jane series. The body in Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Tom series also fits perfectly to smooth out any lumps and bumps.

Must-have No 4: A balconnet bra
In the summer we often hear that women typically go for foam bras that are not visible under tight tops or very fine fabrics. But in winter there’s really no reason for not trying a balconnet bra. A balconnet or balcony bra lifts your breasts and creates a very attractive shape. Ever so sensual. And ladies, be aware that lace remains right on trend this winter, and so also in lingerie. How sophisticated is that? Check out the balconnet in Marie Jo’s Winter Rose and Lauren series. If you’d rather do without lace, take a closer look at Marie Jo L’Aventure’s Frank and Ito series.


Must-have No 5: Shorts
As the nights draw in, you may be looking for lingerie that is a little more revealing. Well, shorts are not only comfortable, they are also smart and sensual. The Marie Jo collection includes a wide range of shorts: from sexy in lace and embroidery to silky soft with a hip print. See the whole range here.

Get your Marie Jo shopping done early…
If you’ve run down our lingerie checklist and come to the conclusion that you need a new black bra, shorts and body, get all your shopping done at once at the Marie Jo store closest to you!



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