Marie Jo helps you find the perfect bra in five steps.

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Marie Jo helps you find the perfect bra in five steps.

If you think we don’t need people like Trinny and Susannah any more, you’re wrong. Their mission to help women understand how to find lingerie that fits properly is still very relevant. A recent study shows that just three in ten women wear the right bra size. Marie Jo helps you determine your bra size with these tips.

A recent study shows that just three in ten women actually know their bra size. Okay, it’s not exactly easy. Lots of factors influence your breasts, which makes it harder to find the right bra. Pregnancy, weight, physique, age – these are just some of the factors that contribute to how your breasts look. And most women do not have two identical breasts.

So there are many reasons to get the assistance of a lingerie styling expert when shopping for a bra. We all know what an impact your bra can have on your silhouette – and so every outfit in your wardrobe. Marie Jo helps you on your way with the most important guidelines.

Starting well is half the job. To put on your bra, lean forward slightly and gently shake your shoulders to ensure that your breasts nestle naturally in your bra.

Stand up and fasten your bra so that the back wings are perfectly straight against your body. The back wings are the most important part of the bra, because they give the support your breasts need. That’s why our lingerie styling experts always check that the back is not higher than the wire at the front.

There are few women who have perfectly symmetrical breasts. With this in mind, you should adjust each shoulder strap separately to ensure each breast gets the support it needs and the overall look is symmetrical.

Do your cups not fit perfectly? Are there crinkles in the fabric? That means the cups are too big. Both cups must fit perfectly round your breasts. At the same time, your nipples must be in the deepest point of the cup. If your breasts bulge out of the cups at all, your bra is too small.

Last but not least, check the wires of your bra. If you feel the wires jab into your skin just under your armpits, your bra is too big. If the wires jab into your skin between your breasts, it means that your bra is too small. 

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right size next time you’re shopping for a bra. Of course, if you go along to a speciality lingerie shop you can have your measurements taken by a styling expert to ensure you get exactly the right band and cup size: Find the nearest point of sale here.

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