Marie Jo helps brides to be

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Marie Jo helps brides to be

Spring is in the air, which means the wedding season is coming. Marie Jo treats brides to tips and tricks for the most seductive, romantic but comfortable bridal lingerie.

On your special day, like every woman you want to feel a little bit like a princess. A fairy-tale dress, a prince on a white charger… and gorgeous lingerie of course. Marie Jo’s tips and tricks:

  1. Choose your dress first, then your lingerie

    That will ensure you’re able to tailor your outfit: a strapless bra under a bustier dress, figure-shaping high briefs or a body under a tight ensemble… You can also harmonise your fabrics. A dress in lace or embroidery with a lacy lingerie or a set with lots of gorgeous embroidery, say. While the best choice under a fine, smooth fabric is a smooth bra that does not leave a visible outline.

  2. Get professional advice

    Lots of women wear the wrong bra size. As a bride to be you should get yourself measured by a lingerie stylist, who can also give you valuable advice. That not only ensures you are wearing the right size and your breasts are getting the right support – you can also be sure the cut of the lingerie is completely tailored to your bridal dress.

  3. Go for white, a hip nude… or red!

    If you’ve chosen a traditional white or champagne dress, you should preferably go for lingerie in an off-white or skin tone, although some reds are also very discreet under a light white dress. And red is the colour of love and seduction: a sensual touch for your wedding night!

  4. There’s a bra for every look

    If you have a dress that is cut a little low but your breasts are rather small, go for a push-up with pads. You can also wear one if your dress bares your shoulders, because you can also get a strapless push-up. If your dress has a very low neckline, go for a deep plunge bra. A lingerie specialist will be able to give you personalised advice.

  5. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful!

    Heard you need to suffer if you want to be gorgeous? Don’t believe a word of it. First and foremost, choose comfortable lingerie that brings out the best in you. Comfort, body shaping and beauty can go together… as Marie Jo proves!

With this refreshing spring bridal lingerie for one.



Romantic and seductive, with shaping effect:

the Malcolm body in Natural from Marie Jo L’Aventure.

Sexy with a cool androgynous touch:

pinstripes with lace… Marie Jo Aurélie in Natural.


Fairy-like and poetic:

the Eloïse strapless bra and briefs in pure white from Marie Jo.



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