I do… love that romantic Marie Jo bridal set!

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I do… love that romantic Marie Jo bridal set!


Is your big day approaching? If so, it's time to choose one of the most important parts of your outfit: your bridal lingerie. Comfy, classy, sexy, romantic… and breathtakingly gorgeous!

If there’s one day when a girl wants to look beautiful it’s her wedding day. The day she says ‘I Do’ to the love of her life. Do you know the secret to a stunning wedding outfit? It’s what you wear under it! Discreet and shaping or sexy with eye-catching cleavage?  One, two, three… Marie Jo helps you find the ideal bridal lingerie.

1. Match your lingerie to your outfit    

Found your dream outfit for your big day? Try to take it with you to the lingerie boutique. If that’s not possible, show the Lingerie Styling specialist photos and swatches. That will help you find the perfect lingerie to match. Always choose the outfit first, then the lingerie. One more golden tip: harmonising the fabric of your outfit and lingerie is absolutely the stylish thing to do. A strip of lace in your dress goes so well with the luxurious lace on your lingerie!

2. If in doubt, go for white or sweet pastel

White is still a classic – in fact it’s trendier than ever this spring. Now let’s see: there’s Avero’s crispy white, Romy’s romantic white lace and Jane’s refined, seductive take. Or do you prefer a splash of colour? Maybe you should consider a soft, flattering pastel. We all adore the subtle retro look of Tilda in Porcelain Blue and Michele in Agrumes. These sweet pastels lighten up your complexion and go perfectly with a wedding dress in a refreshing spring tint.

3. Unleash your bridezilla!

No, we really do mean it. If there’s ever a time when you can put your darn foot down it’s when you’re preparing your wedding day. You deserve the very best lingerie under your big day dress. Don’t compromise on how it feels or how it looks! There’s a perfect style for every figure, a perfect cut for every outfit and a perfect colour for every complexion. A professional lingerie specialist will guide you every step of the way: from size to style and colour. Don’t be shy: ask for advice and don’t accept second best!

Marie Jo’s irresistible bride’s favourites:

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