Unmissable: beautiful sports lingerie!

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Unmissable: beautiful sports lingerie!

If you’ve ever been jogging without a sports bra you know that it’s simply not practical. Whether you’re into running, tennis or boxing, as soon as you get moving, your breasts do the same. They jolt around a lot, so they need proper support. Something a good sports bra provides.


Whatever your cup size, your breasts will bounce around during a workout. A scientific study by Marie Jo and K.U. Leuven University shows that your breasts move a lot more than you might expect: not just up and down, but also back and forth and left to right.

Your breasts are not muscles you can train to cope with jolts, so it’s very important that they get enough support when you’re exercising. Breasts that get insufficient support will begin to sag and they may even be a source of pain.

Functional and beautiful

Prevention is better than cure… Marie Jo has a range of comfortable but elegant sports bras that give you the support you need. The cups and back panels are made from revolutionary ultra-light fabrics – elastic microfibre polyamides – specially engineered to wick away moisture immediately, while retaining their shape. Their ingenious fit means these sports bras are not only fabulously functional, but beautiful too. They do not flatten the breasts like so many other sports bra; they give you a seductive, feminine figure. Now who doesn’t want that!

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