An invisible bra under your see-through blouse? There is another way!

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An invisible bra under your see-through blouse? There is another way!

You cannot open a fashion mag nowadays without coming across see-through tops and peek-a-boo blouses. The coolest thing is when you combine these must-have items with bras that deserve to be shown off. So not an invisible bra. Because, this summer fashionistas are not afraid to make a strong statement. But what approach is the best one – daring or subtle?

STYLE 1: Make a statement with a black bra

A black bra under a see-through blouse shows guts. And good taste, provided you wear the right style in the right size. Tip: choose a black bra with eye-catching details, like striking shoulder straps or a special neckline. The new Marie Jo L’Aventure Clark push-up would appear to be made just for this trend . Those playful polka dots on the straps, the light ribbed fabric and retro whalebones?

STYLE 2: Show you’re right on trend

The seductive lace revival is unstoppable. The lace bra also makes quite an impression under your transparent tops. Chic, sensual and light – that’s the Marie Jo Axelle balconnet bra with lace in mysterious Cosmopolitan Blue. The fine spaghetti straps with burl print add extra cachet to your see-through look.

STYLE 3: A pink bra as subtle accent

Prefer something a little more low-key? Tone it down, baby! Combine your sexy see-throughs with the latest Marie Jo L’Aventure Tom in Barbapapa. This adorable candy pink is less ostentatious, but anyone who knows Tom knows the glossy shoulder straps will get all the attention. Just the eye-catcher you need to stylishly pimp the transparent trend!

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