How to find the perfect lingerie for the party season

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How to find the perfect lingerie for the party season

So what’s the secret to a successful party outfit for the holiday season? It’s the perfect party-proof lingerie inconspicuously doing its work underneath. Because, regardless of how pretty your outfit is, the wrong bra or knickers can ruin your look. Five tips to ensure you make the right choice.


  1. Get advice at a specialty lingerie shop. As well as giving recommendations on the right size, they will also share their expertise to identify the perfect style for under your outfit. Take your party outfit with you to the lingerie shop. The experts are sure to find the ideal set to go with your killer dress.

  1. Shapewear streamlines your figure and boosts your self-confidence… and it shows! Going for a glamorous party frock? Wear it with a shapewear dress underneath. Or maybe you have a jumpsuit? Then shapewear briefs are your ideal partner in crime.

  1. A strapless little black dress or a stylish bandeau top with chic trousers? Instant class! Don’t let anyone try to tell you that a strapless bra never stays in place. A lingerie expert can advise you about size and style to ensure you find the ideal solution. Such as Ito’s designer look. Sophistication squared!

  1. Like to push the envelope? Course you do! Choose a glamorous set to give yourself a boost during the party season. Like Tom’s golden details? What a diva! Or there’s gorgeous Tilda in red. We all know what an impact a lady in red can have at a party…

  1. So, with your lingerie all glammed up, it’s time to work on your cleavage. Think sexy, think seductive. And there’s no better way to get there than a push-up. Choose a gradual push-up or one with removable pads: either way, sexy cleavage is guaranteed!

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