Lingerie shopping: love or loathe?

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Lingerie shopping: love or loathe?

Lingerie shopping is a pure pleasure. At least it should be. What could be better than treating yourself to a set that fits you perfectly? Sadly, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Cramped fitting rooms, poorly conceived lighting, long queues… These Marie Jo dos and don’ts help you sidestep the pitfalls of lingerie shopping to ensure an enjoyable experience!


  1. Browse the new collections of your preferred lingerie brands before you set out and pick your favourites. If you note down the name of the series it will be much easier to ask for it in the shop. Run your eye over the Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure spring collections. You can also immediately see when the various sets are available in shops.
  2. Get the expert advice of experienced shop staff. A lingerie stylist will help you find the right size and the style that brings the best out of your body. And she’ll be very discreet about it. Because the whole store doesn’t need to know your cup size! ;-) You can find the address of shops with a Lingerie Styling certificate at
  3. No experts in the neighbourhood but not sure about your size? Here’s a cool trick to try: shake it! Lean forward, shake your breasts, straighten up and check in the fitting room mirror to see whether your bra is still perfect. If there are no creases or folds in the cup, the gore between the cups is nice and snug, and the back wings have not ridden up, you have a winner!


  1. Go lingerie shopping at the busiest times. Standing in line for a fitting room when you’re dying to try on a set? Who needs that! Curtains that don’t close properly? Give me some privacy please! ;-)
  2. Bring along your partner when you are looking for something just for you. You won’t necessarily be looking for the same thing… a revealing set may be perfect for a romantic date, but it will probably never be something you’ll want to wear day-to-day.
  3. Compromise! If you find the perfect set but they don’t have your size, choose something else or try another shop. When fitting in the shop you may feel you can live with the next size up or down. But you’ll always feel it doesn’t quite fit perfectly… and you deserve better!
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