Follow these five tips to find a bra that fits like a dream.

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Follow these five tips to find a bra that fits like a dream.

Your sensual cleavage this summer is not all about your breasts. In fact, the right bra size is the be all and end all. And finding it is no walk in the park. A recent study shows that just three in ten women wear the right bra size. So how do you know when your bra is a perfect fit? Marie Jo’s five tips put you on the right track.

A recent study shows that just three in ten women actually know their bra size. We readily admit it’s not easy. Many aspects need to be taken into account when searching for a well-fitting bra. They include weight, build, age – even whether you are pregnant. But there are many other factors that influence your breasts. And, importantly, most women don’t have symmetrical breasts.

So, all told, the assistance of a lingerie styling expert is no luxury when shopping for a bra. No one can deny that a well-fitting bra has a big impact on your overall look. With these five tips Marie Jo helps you in your quest for the perfect fit.

Let’s start at the beginning. Put on your bra by leaning forward slightly and gently shaking your shoulders to ensure that your breasts nestle naturally in your bra.

Now stand up and fasten your bra so that the back wings are perfectly straight against your body. It’s important to note that the back panel is the most important part of the bra, because it plays a key role in supporting the breasts. That’s precisely why lingerie styling experts always make sure they are not higher than the underwires at the front.

Very few women have two identical breasts. With that in mind, it’s vital that the straps are adjusted separately to ensure harmonious support and symmetrical breasts.

If the fabric creases or the cups do not fit snugly, they are too big for your breasts. Your nipples should be positioned in the deepest point of the cup. On the other hand, if your breasts don't quite fit completely in the cups, your bra is too small.

Last but not at all least: check the underwires. If you feel them jab into your skin just under your armpits, your bra is too big. If the wires dig in between your breasts, it means your bra is too small. 

To be sure you find the right bra, go along to a specialty lingerie shop to have your band and cup size measured by a styling expert. Find the nearest point of sale here.

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