Five fallacies about push-ups

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Five fallacies about push-ups

The push-up is a popular style under party outfits that show off a lot of sensual cleavage, like deep plunge tops and V necks… But there are a few stubborn misconceptions about push-ups. Marie Jo is delighted to deal with them one by one.


1/ A push-up is only for small breasts.

Simply not true, large breasts can benefit from a push-up too. A push-up not only provides uplift, it also centres the breasts, creating cleavage, and so a sensual neckline. Whereas women with smaller breasts might prefer a padded push-up, those who take a large cup get more benefit from a version with removable pads (like Jane or Malcolm). It’s easy to remove the pads if you want to tone down your look a tad.

2/ A push-up creates an unnatural effect.

As long as you choose the right style and size to suit your body, a push-up will always create a very natural effect. It accentuates your curves to create natural looking cleavage, without turning you into a calendar girl!

3/ You get neck and shoulder pain from a push-up.

If your bra gives you shoulder or neck pain you’re wearing the wrong size. Shoulder straps that pinch, back wings that ride up or cups that cut into your breasts: all of these can result in physical complaints. Don’t blame the push-up! Ask for advice about your size!

4/ A push-up is a push-up.

There is a large range of different push-ups, in terms of how they look and how they are cut. Seductive in lace or smart and understated in smooth microfibre. With padding primarily at the bottom or at the sides, or with removable pads rather than integral padding. With straps over the shoulder or round the neck (halter style) or without straps at all. There’s something for everyone!

5/ A push-up is only for parties and special occasions

You don’t need a party invitation to get out your most seductive look! Go for a push-up when you’re in the mood. Or when your outfit screams out for one…

Let’s be honest, who can resist it?


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