Are you wearing the right bra size?

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Are you wearing the right bra size?

Seven in ten women wear a bra that is the wrong size. Research proves it. That’s a real shame, because a perfectly fitting bra does wonders for your figure and feels fabulously comfortable. Not totally sure about your size? Run down the Marie Jo checklist below to find out immediately whether your bra is a good fit.

1. Is the cup fabric wrinkling?

That's telling you your cup size is too big. The cups should enclose the breasts perfectly without any folds or lines anywhere.

2. Does the back panel keep riding up?

That means your band size is not right. You need to drop down a size or two. The back panel of your bra has to run horizontally over your back. If your bra keeps riding up at the back your breasts won’t get the support they need. Start by checking whether your straps are adjusted properly. If they are too tight the bra will ride up of its own accord.

3. Is there any overflow over the edge of the cup?

If so, your bra is too small. That’s really unsightly under a tight T-shirt. Those extra bumps ruin your look. The transition from breast to cup has to be nice and smooth, so it is totally invisible under your clothes.

4. Finished the checklist without getting any red flags? Now it’s time to shake it.

Lean forward, shake your breasts and then straighten up. Everything still firmly in place? Congratulations, you’ve passed!


Tip: Have your measurements taken at least once per year:
Feel like your size has changed? That’s perfectly possible. Your breasts can change if you experience a change in weight or a pregnancy or simply because you're a year older. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit a professional Lingerie Styling specialist at least once per year to have your measurements taken. That will give you complete peace of mind about your size.


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