Are you wearing the right bra size?

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Are you wearing the right bra size?

Recent research has shown that only 30% of women wear the right bra size, even though your bra can only be truly comfortable and beautiful underneath your clothes when you choose the right size.

1. Is the bra fabric puckering? Don’t the cups fit properly?

In that case the cup is too big. The cup should enclose the breast perfectly without any folds or lines anywhere.

2. Is the cup’s edge showing any overflow?

In that case the cup is too small. You will see an unflattering indentation in your breasts making it seem as though you suddenly have ‘double’ breasts.  The transition from cup to breast should be smooth.

3. Is your back band riding up?

In that case it is too big. Without a nice close fit, the back band can never provide the required support and is pulled up by weight of the breasts. The back band provides a nice horizontal fit around your body.

TIP: Have your bra size taken at least once a year.

Your body - and therefore your breasts - is affected by many different factors: pregnancy, slight weight changes or just the fact that you are getting a little older. This is why you should have your bra size taken by a lingerie styling expert at least once a year. Or better still: ask for guidance each time you buy a new bra. This will ensure that you wear the right bra size.

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