Five secrets of party-proof lingerie

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Five secrets of party-proof lingerie

Suddenly you hear your favourite track over the loudspeakers. You throw your arms up in the air and make straight for the dance floor. But soon you can feel how your old strapless bra is inching down with every beat. You’re forced to make a hasty retreat. Or maybe you’ve gone for that sexy black pencil skirt and you can feel your knickers riding up the whole night. You try to straighten them out discretely, but it’s not really helping… Sound familiar? We have five secrets to share with you to ensure it never happens again. Make your lingerie party-proof this festive season!

  1. Wearing a tight LBD or a pencil skirt? Go for shapewear. We’re not talking about a dreary girdle or corset that will have you gasping for breath. What we have in mind is something fashionable, seductive and comfortable, like a Tom underdress in sensual Scarlet.
  2. If you’d like to show off some cleavage but have little to work with, there’s always help at hand. The Violette push-up virtually takes you to the next cup size and gives you cleavage to die for. Result!
  3. A bandeau top or a strapless dress is the ultimate party wear. Don't let them tell you that strapless bras never stay in place. Go to a specialty lingerie shop for some expert advice to make sure you get just the right size that fits you like a dream (We ♥ Auguste!).
  4. In the mood for a party? It’s the perfect occasion to take your lingerie to the next level. Go for something even more special, luxurious and festive. Like a sexy black deep-plunge bra from the Josephine series. The best friend you can always rely on at parties.
  5. This winter’s big trend is the body. It’s not just hip, it’s positively perfect under a tight party outfit, because it streamlines your silhouette and solves the problem of visible bra and knicker lines.


Let’s get the party started! Enjoy the festive season!

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