Valentine’s Day = lingerie time!

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Valentine’s Day = lingerie time!

Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to surprise your sweetheart with a lingerie set. Do you break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of entering a lingerie shop? No problem, we’re happy to give Cupid some help. Follow these tips and you’ll never go wrong!

  1. Have a sneaky look in her lingerie drawer…

    and note down her size. Make sure you get the cup size (A, B, C…) and the band size (UK 32, 34, 36…). And don’t forget the briefs. If your partner always removes the labels from her lingerie, take a set to the shop to show the sales assistant.

  1. 2. Go for what she likes…

    not what you like. You might like sexy lace and hotpants, but if your sweetheart prefers smooth cups she’ll probably not be tickled pink with a seductive lace set. If you would like to buy your partner something a little more playful, try to find the middle ground. Like a smooth cup with lace detail and hip shorts instead of hotpants, for instance.

  1. Get specialist advice…

    from the lingerie expert. She’ll quickly help you find the right size and give you a run-through of all the different styles. The more you can say about what your partner likes, the easier it will be for the lingerie expert. So when taking that sneaky look in her lingerie drawer, make a note of the dominant colours and styles too.

  1. If in doubt: pop along to the shop together……

    and buy your sweetheart a lingerie gift voucher. A fancy package, a cute little card and an invitation to a romantic shopping trip: these are also the ideal ingredients to a successful Valentine’s Day surprise. So if you really cannot make your choice in the lingerie shop you can always go for a gift voucher.


Good luck!

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